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Ideal for partridge or smaller pheasant release pens and poultry units.


The Shrike 3v Energiser is a modern design ideal for equestrian use on short temporary fences. This unit is not recommended for use on elecrtified poultry, sheep or goat netting, but can be used with short rabbit netting.


With its unique hanging case, the unit can be hung on the fence line between two posts, placed closely together to prevent the unit being blown along the fence line.


Alternatively, the Shrike can slide on to the earth stake which then serves as a stand.


It works off 2 D Cell batteries held internally which will last up to 6 weeks, 24 hours a day (ideal conditions). There is an On/Off switch plus and LED to indicate that the unit is working.


There is a 3 year warranty on all Hotline energisers and they are made in the UK.

Shrike Electric Fence Unit

VAT Included
    • Supply: 3v 2 x 1.5v D cell batteries
    • Stored Joules: 0.04 joules
    • Output Joules: 0.03 joules
    • Output Volts: 8600v
    • Output Volts (under heavy load): 580v
    • Recommended max distance: 800m
    • Approx battery life: 6/8 weeks

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