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The Maxicup is a semi automatic drinker designed by BEC to use old water tanks, buckets, feed and any other type of container turning them into reservoirs for your birds drinking water. The Maxicup is a self-filling, multi use drinker with a cup capacity of 0.5 litres. It can be fitted to water containers with a water depth of up to 180cm. It is easy to fit, maintain and use. Ideal for outside or indoor use, the Maxicup is hardwearing and suitable for mostpets, game and wild birds. Fitting: Simply drill the water container with a 12mm drill at a suitable height for your birds or pets. Fit the Maxicup by removing the nut & filter, place the Maxicup spigot through the hole leaving the washer on the outside and tighten down the nut until it forms a seal with the wall of the tank then fit the filter behind the nut. Fill with water, check angle and re tighten if necessary. Maintenance: The Maxicup is simple to maintain, simple undo the two screws securing the cup to the filter cover, separate the two halves and then clean the float and interior of the housing then reassemble.

Maxi Cup Drinker

VAT Included

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