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Luxurious Henry Wag Drying Coat - in 3 sizes


Made using top quality, soft and highly absorbent microfibre which is extremely effective at removing dirt and water from your dog’s coat.


The Drying Coat can be used after wet walks, swimming or bathing. It’s easy to put on and a simple strap placed across the tummy holds the coat securely in place.


Due to the advanced microfibre technology in our Drying Coat, it absorbs more water than a regular towel and dries more quickly.


Helps to remove excess water and dirt to reduce the risk of damage to both your car interior and home interior furnishings.

Henry Wag Microfibre Drying Coat

PriceFrom £19.00
VAT Included

    Back Length: 40 cm

    Chest: 48-60 cm



    Back Length: 45 cm

    Chest: 60-64 cm



    Back Length: 52 cm

    Chest: 56-70 cm



    Back Length: 65 cm

    Chest: 70-90 cm

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