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Viroshield disinfectant.


DEFRA APPROVED for use against Avian Influenza


  • Powerful foaming disinfectant
  • Wide spectrum of activity
  • DEFRA approved for Diseases of Poultry and General Orders
  • Non corrosive
  • Effective in the presence of organic matter


Surface and equipment disinfection: This product can be applied via a
pressure washer at 500 psi or via a foam lance at 300ml/m2.
Ensure all surfaces are covered in foam.
For routine disinfection, use at 1 – 2% [1:100 – 1:50] depending on level of soiling.

Viroshield disinfectant 5 Lt

SKU: AS-AF8970
VAT Included
  • DEFRA approved Diseases of poultry 1:100

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