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The new model comes with an updated wiring loom and handle bar switch allowing you to select continuous feeding or pulse feeding for periods of up to 10 seconds. The Solway mobile feeder scatters feed from your atv or quad bike along the length of each feed ride and by planning your entire feed route carefully, you will not only save yourself time, but you will also see your birds become wilder with less wandering, leading to a better spread over the guns.

The unit has quick release fasteners and does not restrict the addition of a trailer. The hopper is moulded from strong polyethylene with a recommended maximum capacity of 60kg. The lid is designed to be easily tilted, and has an internal bungee and cord retainer, and the spinner has raised rolled edges to prevent spillage. The feeder scatters food in a fourteen foot spread, and although the flow rate is fixed, the feed rate can be controlled by a pushed button on the handlebars. The powerful 70watt 12vdc motor runs on the vehicle's battery, and wiring and plugs are provided which will fit any quad bike. Connection must be made to a fused supply 15 amp fuse rating.


The hopper is attached to the ATV with sturdy aluminium brackets, and can be unclipped and removed in less than thirty seconds.

Important when ordering this item, please specify the make and model of the atv that you plan to use it with, as well as the measurements of the back rack. The back rack of your atv must be made of steel, the feeder cannot be fixed to the cheaper plastic racks for safety reasons. The back rack must also be parralel sided not tapered or shaped/curved. Please check with your atv supplier that your particular machine is suitable to carry the extra loading on the back rack. We only recommend agriculural machines of 350cc plus, leisure & sports machines are not suitable.


Our mobile feeders are ROHS compliant.

    ATV Mobile Feeder

    SKU: FE-1308
    VAT Included
      • 36ins (914mm) wide,
      • 20ins (508mm) deep,
      • 22 ins (558mm) high;
      • height 22ins (558mm) at rear,
      • 18ins (547mm) from rack.
      • lid: 33ins diameter.
      • spinner: 6.25 ins (160mm)
    • Fitting the new type SOLWAY loom to your ATV

      • Remove sufficient body panels to enable an easy route for the cable.
      • Ensure it fits fairly loosely with plenty of spare cable at the switch end allowing for the movement of the handlebars and controls and battery box end. The cable can be clipped or tied to the frame of the atv but make sure it is clear of any hot parts of the engine or exhaust system.
      • The switch is prewired and connected to the loom and only re-quires mounting on the left hand side handlebar as close to the other controls as possible.
      • The other end of the loom connects to the battery with the ring connectors provided. The fuse link wire connects to the Positive terminal and the plain end ring to the Negative terminal.
      • Connect the 7 pin Grey type plug to the feeder type socket and check the operation of the feeder motor. Press the top red switch into the on position. For continuous feed use the mid grey switch. For intermittent / pulse feed use the lower red push button . When not in use turn off the top red switch.
      • Refit and secure all bodywork panels and recheck operation.