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This egg candling lamp is mains powered, hand held & super bright to provide great viewing of eggs.


The candling lamp is an highly essential tool for incubating your owns eggs.

By shining the bright light from the lamp close up through the egg you can check if the egg is developing correctly.

Eggs can usually be candled after the seventh day of hatching.

For use with most species of poultry eggs.

Chicktec Hand Held Egg Candler

VAT Included
    • Assists in identification of infertile eggs with pale, plain shells
    • Battery powered with 4 x aa batteries for convenience (batteries included)
    • Uses high output, high efficiency led illumination rather than standard bulbs and avoids potential for overheating eggs during inspection
    • Supplied with a flexible black ring to seal the ovaview against the egg to ensure maximum penetration of light source through egg

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