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The new 900 lumen Head light with incredible power illuminating up to 400 metres. The HL18 has a large (90mm) head to utilise the extra power obtained from the 10W LED giving a brilliant light output. Extra high capacity Li-ion rechargeable batteries are used to power this super efficient head light which has 3 power modes (low, medium & high) to cater for a variety of uses running up to 8 hours on the high beam and 16 hours on low. All these features create a competitively priced top of the range head light with a multitude of uses and is unrivalled for output and beam.


Supplied with: 10W T6 LED Head Light - Mains Intelligent Charger - Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack - Adjustable Head Strap

1 Year Full Guarantee

Duration: High beam 8 hours - Low beam 16 hours

Clulite HL18 Head Torch

VAT Included

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