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Tick removal tool.


An essential piece of kit for the fast and effective removal of ticks from the skin.

Infected tick bites can cause diseases such as Lyme Disease and Tick-borne Encephalitis.


The longer a tick is attached to the skin, the greater the risk of infection, meaning quick tick removal is vital.

The Tick Remover includes two sizes of tool per pack, meaning you can remove both large and small ticks.

Suitable for removing ticks from your skin or your dogs. 

Tick Remover tool

VAT Included
  • Full in-pack instructions are included. 

    Choose the most suitable size of Tick Remover tool, depending on the size of the tick. Each pack includes two sizes of tool; one for small nymph ticks and one for large adult sized ticks.

    Approach the tick from the side until the tool holds the tick securely.

    Lift the tool gently upwards and twist it.

    The tick detaches itself after 2-3 turns.

    After tick removal, disinfect the bite area and wash hands.

    It can be a good idea to save the tick for identification in case you get ill within several weeks of the bite. So place it in a sealed container and write the date of the bite on a piece of paper. Then place it in the freezer. Otherwise dispose of the tick in a tissue, squash it and flush down the toilet or place in a bin. You don’t want the tick to go on to bite another person!

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