The 'EL Range' 10x42 sets new standards in binocular rangefinders..

Crystal clear observation combined with precise distance and angle measurement. With uncompromising optics and perfect handling, the EL range shows the precise location and exact distance to the target.


THE PEAK OF PERFECTION The EL Range offers the best combination of long-range optics and ergonomic design. The master craftsmanship underlying these binoculars is proven by razor-sharp images combined with precise range and angle measurement, as well as their perfectly balanced weight, allowing you to hold them steady. Other benefits of the new EL Range are the FieldPro package, which includes a new strap connector making it extremely simple to switch quickly and flexibly between strap and accessories and the new, distinctive measurement button.


Comfort carrying strap pro with pockets for the replacement battery, made of new, improved material to make it more comfortable to carry, a field bag pro, eyepiece cover, and objective lens cover

Swarovski El Rangefinder 10x42

VAT Included