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The Stalking Pullover (previously the Sika Pullover) has been specifically designed to give you the edge when deer stalking. With a super silent core series fabric and the added disguise of camouflage, this highly breathable active hunting garment allows you to seamlessly blend into the bush environment and go undetected.


Stoney Creek Layering System: Ideal as an insulating mid layer or as an outer layer when heavy rain isn’t an issue


  • Silent outer fabric for ultra-quiet stalking
  • Zipped hand pockets for secure gear storage
  • High volume bino chest pocket with built-in lens cleaning cloth to keep your essential optics and electronics close to hand
  • Heat regulating vent on back for extra airflow during intense activity
  • High stretch performance fit for maximum comfort and movement
  • Built-in neck scarf for added warmth and stealth
  • Extra long 100% waterproof tail specifically designed for extended periods of glassing or sitting in the damp bush
  • Conveniently located GPS chest pocket
  • Low profile velcro cuff


Made from their super silent CORE SERIES fabric the Stalking Pullover:


  • Will give you the edge during bush stalking. With an ultra-quiet brushed outer face, this fabric will keep you stealth and allow you to silently stalk throughout the Sika’s natural habitat going undetected.


  •  Is an advanced 2-layer fabric that promotes high breathability. With a silent exterior and a technical P3 base lining (which helps to increase airflow, provide high warmth to weight ratio and performance wicking) the Stalking Pullover is ideal for active hunting conditions where you’re likely to be under high exertion during climbing or pushing through the bush to the heart of Sika country. 80% windproof and with a built-in neck gaiter, the Stalking Pullover will provide crucial warmth to keep you comfortable throughout the seasons.


  •  Is DWR coated to actively repel water, blood and dirt. This coating helps to defend against light rain and the damp bush environments. We also added a 100% waterproof tail to help keep you dryer for longer, when glassing or waiting patiently for long periods staking out a Sika Stag’s rut pad.

Stoney Creek Stalking Pullover

VAT Included

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