The 240 Blitz HID offers exceptional performance suited to those who require extreme long distance visibility.


Upgraded to reach 100% intensity in 3 seconds (previous model - 8 seconds).

Designed for mounting onto Lightforce remote control handles RC150/RC225 or can alternatively be fitted directly to a fixed mounting position.


Bulbs have been designed by Lightforce exclusively for use with our parabolic reflectors.

These unique bulbs reduce the shadow "V" line common in aftermarket kits

XENON HID bulbs used in these kits have been specially manufactured to match the relevant ballast outputs

Ballast is pre-mounted to a stainless steel bracket located directly to the back of the light

Fully sealed and water-resistant compact slim-line ballast

Waterproof connectors provided

Available in 50w and 70w


PriceFrom £270.00
VAT Included
  • 70w ballast is now upgraded to a Fast start (12v only) reaching 100% intensity in 3 seconds

    (previous model 100% intensity was reached at 8 seconds).


    Recommended operating temperatures (ambient)

    • -40°C > +40°C Maximum
    • -40°F > +104°F Maximum


    Lumen output:

    • 50 watt 5000 lumen
    • 70 watt 6400 lumen


    For 50w and 70w models

    • Input voltage range 12 - 16 volts
    • Operating voltage 13.2 volts DC (typical)