HIKMICRO Gryphon GQ50 LRF Thermal & Optical Monocular


2600m detection range!


Camera is equipped with a 640 × 512 infrared detector, a 1920 × 1080 low illumination optical detector and a 1024 × 768 OLED display.


The latest addition to the Gryphon family, the high resolution, high magnification, 50mm Pro LRF.This high specification pocket rocket delivers the detailed thermal image associated with HIKMICRO’s 640x512px, sub 35mk NETD sensor paired with a high quality 50mm lens system to deliver 2.9x magnification within the compact Gryphon chassis.


In addition to the high specification thermal channel – the Gryphon Pro 50mm is also fitted with an optical camera that can operate in low light and even complete darkness with the optional IR Torch attachment.

This is effectively a Thermal and Night Vision Monocular in one.


The built-in 600m Laser Range Finder allows you to accurately judge the distance to the target in a choice of yards and metres, and there is the added option to choose between a single readings and scan mode.


The 600m Laser Range Finder is located on the left hand side of the unit in a compact housing and offers distance readings accurate to ±1m. When activated there is a small crosshair added to the display that can be used to target the Range Finder.


 You are also covered by the 3 year HIKMICRO UK warranty. Should you encounter a problem with your product, HIKMICRO has UK based technicians who can resolve any issues quickly.

Hik Micro Gryphon GQ50 LRF

SKU: SA-HI2600
VAT Included
  • Product Name A-Z HIKMICRO Gryphon GQ50L 50mm Pro 640x512 12µm Thermal Monocular With LRF
    SKU HM-GQ50L
    Unit Type Thermal
    Colour Palettes Yes
    Detection Range 2600m
    Display Resolution 1024x768
    Display Type OLED
    FOV @ 100 yards 8.7°
    Magnification (Digital) 8x
    Magnification (Optical) 2.85x
    NETD <35mK
    Objective Lens Diameter 50mm
    Operating Temperature -20/+55°C
    Pixel Pitch 12μm
    Rangefinder LRF
    Refresh Rate 50HZ
    Sensor Resolution 640x512
    Video Recording Yes
    WiFi Yes