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Track your dogs with the Alpha 200i system, featuring inReach® technology, a sunlight-readable 3.50″ capacitive touchscreen and user-friendly, six-button design.


Track Your Pack

Monitor up to 20 dogs from up to 6 miles (depending on dog collar) with a 5-second update rate.


Dog List/ Group Management

Keep inactive dogs in your dog list and manage active groups so you don’t have to add and remove dogs each time.


Pro View Compass

The pro view compass mode gives you simple, at-a-glance tracking that shows which direction and how far away your dogs are, plus you will see when a dog is Treed or OnPoint.


Multi-GNSS Support

Access multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS and Galileo) to track your pack with greater accuracy than GPS alone.


Topoactive Europe maps

Our preloaded TopoActive Europe mapping provides detailed views of terrain contours, topographic elevations, summits, parks, coastlines, rivers, lakes and geographical points.


Birdseye Direct

Download BirdsEye Satellite Imagery directly to the handheld for better-than-real-life views of your route, trailheads, clearings and more.


Navigation Sensors

A barometric altimeter helps you accurately monitor ascent and descent and see short-term trends in air pressure, and the built-in tilt-compensated three-axis electronic compass keeps your bearing — whether you’re moving or not.


See it All

The sunlight-readable 3.50″ capacitive touchscreen display makes it easy to see and interact with your maps, dog data and more — even while wearing gloves.


Stay on the Move

Replaceable battery lasts up to 20 hours, or up to 15 hours with inReach technology enabled.


Additional Mapping

The microSD card slot allows you to load more mapping options, such as TopoPro maps (sold separately).

Garmin Alpha 200 K Handheld

SKU: SA-010-02616-55
VAT Included

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