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Sporting Saint's Range of Water Dummies


Designed and developed by Sporting Saint. Testing has gone really well, with the NEW 3inch model being very well received as not only great for water training, but the 3inch Water Dummy stands up on land, so a great multi-use dummy.


The New Water Dummy combines the soft mouth features with the standard water dummy feel, resulting in a multi-feature dummy!


  • Good quality and durable,
  • Throwing rope attached
  • Can be used on both water and land.
  • Easy grip for your dogs
  • Sporting Saint branded


Available in 2inch and 3inches sizing 

  • The 3inch is 290mm long
  • The 2inch is 275mm long
  • Orange and White colours


Copy right and design - Sporting Saint

Water Dog Dummy

VAT Included

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