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DEFRA APPROVED for use against Avian Influenza.

Liquid disinfectant developed for use with biosecurity vehicle & pedestrian disinfectant processes.

Effective control of Foot and Mouth, Swine Vesicular, Avian Influenza and Newcastle disease.


Dilution rate for AI is 1:80


This efficient disinfectant can also be used as a spray or a fog, for vehicles, footwear & buildings allowing a return to a ventilated building within 3 hours of being used. 


For egg dipping and fogging.

Can be used in air assisted Setters and Incubators.

Can be used to clean Hatchers and as a fogger prior to setting on eggs.

BioShield P 5lt

VAT Included
    • Effective in the presence of organic matter
    • Effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi
    • Superior Fogging performance
    • Broad spectrum formula
    • Can be used as a fog or a spray
    • Fog will clear from a ventilated building within 3 hours
    • Highly efficient

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